Radio frequency sound experiment workshop: Roger Roger, do you copy?… an introduction to radio art

Event Details

On Saturday, December 7th at 1 PM, the artist Martín Rodríguez, whose installation La Ofrenda is on display in TOPO’s showcase until December 21nd, will offer a radio frequency sound experiment workshop entitled Roger Roger, do you copy?… an introduction to radio art.

Combining theoretical and practical skills, this workshop aims to familiarize participants with the idea of radio as an instrument or material for sound creation and invites them to experiment with transmission and reception devices.

Workshop program

1 h: Introduction to radio art

History, presentation of works and artistic approach of Martín Rodríguez.

2 h 30: Visit of the installation in the window and its relationship to radio art

3 h: Demonstration and exploration

Presentation of the different transmitters and demonstration.

Exploring the possibilities and collaborative creation of a transmitter from the components.

Exploration with the following equipment: Transmitters, radio crystal, VLF (very low frequency) radio, etc.