Changer le cours

An interactive video about the proximity of rivers and human behavior “Turning the” ways of thinking, to meet others, perceive the world and also a way to make the video: read / write batch and user-adjustable, phrases playing a role in navigation interface , nonlinear navigation and exploration of characteristics of DVD media lounge: subtitle… Continue reading Changer le cours

La collection Tom Drahos Média

Photographer, film maker and plastician, originary from Czechoslovakia, Tom Drahos revisits masterpieces from 19th century litterature through seven CDROMS reflecting a totally contemporary universe. For each one, Drahos invents a world of myhtological, symbolic, social and personnal references.

Phares gamma

Liquid medias. The computer uses generative processes, based on random, which recalls Mallarmé’s Coup de dés, to the quantas’ theory and “chance operations” of Cage. PHARES GAMMA is a self generated work, infinite by nature, where words, images and sounds are posted together. AUTHORS • Creation: Jacques Donguy • Images / sound / texts: Jacques… Continue reading Phares gamma

La cathédrale aveugle

The collected poems Les Murs des planètes open doors to a universe where words collide into powerful and troubling images. The cd rom La Cathédrale aveugle drives the reader into a visual and auditory aesthetic experience inspired by the book’s poems. AUTHORS • Texts, artwork and animation Ollivier Dyens • Music La Compagnie musicale La… Continue reading La cathédrale aveugle


A journey through a living diary made up of video portraits and poetic texts through which the author reveals herself directly and unmasked. At once thought and scream, the CD-ROM PARENTHESE can only come to life through the user’s’ active exploration of images, words and sounds. PARENTHESE contains hidden words and interactive poetic games. It… Continue reading Mordre/Parenthèse


HAIJIN invites you into a world where time has taken the time to pass, and where space is as infinite as the Japanese poetic imaginary. In this virtual space it is up to you to participate or to assist in the creation of haiku, a Japanese poetic form consisting of three phrases that expresses the… Continue reading Haijin